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Gary Everett

Although Gary is not a "singer" he is a musician and serves the NTGMM as the Ministry Administrator.  He has served as a senior pastor for 50 years, retiring from pastoral ministry in 2022.  He is currently the Chaplain for a local funeral home, and is a frequent celebrant/officiant at funeral and memorial services, in addition to helping NTGMM with their publications, website and accounting.

Gary began playing the violin in the church orchestra at the North Side Evangelistic Tabernacle in Fort Worth.  Later playing the trombone and then the piano.  He continues to play the piano and Hammond B3 organ.


     Gary literally began his "ministry" when he was a member of the Beginning department at his church.  H eas called upon, at times, to tell Bible Stories, with flannel graph figures, to the children that met in the evenings while the parents attended the youth service.  He recalls one stoary in particular that had a great bearing onhis life, the story of The Good Samaritan.  Taking the story "figures" home to practice on the back of the couch (then called a divan), he would practice every day telling the story.  Sunday came and he had to stand on a small "altar bench" to reach the flannel graph.  He says that story made such an impression on him that he looks back now and says that was the beginning of his calling to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

     Gary attended and graduated from Seminary and began his ministry serving the church as youth pastor, choir director, interim pastor and senior pastor.  He had a degree background in accounting which added greatly to his abilities to help the churches he served.  While pastoring in Grand Junction, Colorado, he served in many capacities in the Rocky Mountain District (Colorado & Utah) as Presbyters, Executive Presbyter and Financial Administrator.  He was then elected by his peers to serve the the District as the Corporate Secretary-Treasurer.  By virtue of his office, he served on several College/University Boards as well as the church denominatal General Presbytery.  Having faced a devastating illness, Gary returned to Fort Worth to recuperate.  Since that time, he started a church called Radiant Life Fellowship, and retired in 2022.

     Throughout his 50 years of pastoral ministsry, he has been deeply involved in helping families who have lost loved ones to death.  He has worked for numerous funeral homes, in addition to his pastoral duties, both in Colorado and Texas.

     He is available for ministry in church as an interim pastor, occasional speaker, public speaker, speaking to groups, and helping the local church as he can.  More information about Gary can be found on his website:

Gary's Story
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