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John Graves & Heavensound

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Mailing Address:                     E-Mail:

    1112 Gannon Drive               Telephone:
    Plano, TX 75025                       (972) 768-3722

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John Graves & Heavensound

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    For over 45 years, John has ministered in the gospel music field across the country. His desire to reach the lost and encourage believers through the ministry of his music and testimony continues to inspire him to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone he meets.

    He recorded his first LP at the age of six, and has since recorded eight projects with various groups. He has ministered in many local and regional churches, at festivals and home-goings, onstage at Southern Gospel Music Fan Fair and in many National Quartet Convention showcases. In 2005 he helped found the group Of One Accord and in 2013, he helped to revive the

Contact John at:


Telephone:  (972) 768-3722

group Birthright, where he continues to step out in faith in his gospel music career.

    In addition to his singing career, John is the owner of GraceChord LLC, a Texas limited liability company that offers all aspects of music productions. It provides artist services through its two subsidiaries, GraceChord Publishing and HeavenSound.

    GraceChord Publishing administrates music publishing services, including writing songs for artists, co-writing with those artists, and handling mechanical, master and synchronous licensing for music writers and book authors across the world.

    HeavenSound is a gospel artist appearance database and artist management company that offers gospel music promotions services through its website,, and through other promotional efforts. For instance, HeavenSound hosts concerts on a consistent schedule every year and invites its artists to perform at these local and regional concerts. Once a year, it sponsors a HeavenSound Homecoming, similar to the Gaither Homecomings, in which it offers southern, country and bluegrass gospel music with singing convention music mixed in. A true walk through the different genres of gospel music.

    John would love to come minister at your church or festival! He brings a unique program of spiritual encouragement to your congregation that will have audiences sitting on the edge of their seats! John currently lives in Dallas, Texas

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