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Rhonda Hill

Raised in and around the Dallas area, Rhonda has been spent most of her life singing and loves all kinds of music. She was almost thirty before she went to church and spent her younger days collecting the testimony that she now shares in hopes of showing someone else the way, the truth and the life that released her from captivity.


In the mid-nineties she found herself in a small church surrounded by the most wonderful group of people that God had undoubtedly strategically placed in her path. It was there that she stood on a church platform and for the first time, presented her song as an offering to the Lord. She clearly remembers the day the Lord set her free. Rhonda has experimented in many different genres of music, but it is evident that her strength lies in Southern Gospel.


Rhonda met her husband, Mike, in 1993 when God initially began to reveal the path that would later become their Isaiah 43:19. They focused on raising their blended family of five children and for more than 20 years, she put her love for song on the back burner. However, she never lost her love for the Lord.


Over the past few years, many doors have opened for her, and she has most gratefully walked through them. The first Sunday of each month she brings the message in music at her home church and volunteers the fourth Sunday ministering to the elderly at an area health and rehabilitation center. Rhonda has been singing and witnessing to the homeless each month since March 2019 in The Gospel Connection at The Bridge Steps to Recovery Homeless Shelter. She has ministered by giving her testimony, as well as in word and song at churches, ladies’ conferences, nursing homes and recovery centers.


Rhonda sings from her soul and is always eager to share what the Lord has done for her. If you would like to have Rhonda minister at your upcoming event, revival or worship service contact her using the information provided below.

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